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If you were just charged with a DUI, please take a minute to read this important advice to help YOU make the best decision when retaining a DUI law firm. The advice contained in this letter is absolutely applicable to put you on the right track to success and it will save you both time and money.

Since the economic downturn, many general practice lawyers have decided to begin representing people charged with DUI and alcohol related offenses. It is important that you, as an educated consumer needing representation, make an informed decision because the negative consequences of a DUI are permanent, it effects your license/work and has the real potential to land you in jail. Thus, here is what you truly need to know when considering how to select the Best DUI law firm for your situation:

1. Initially, is the lawyer courteous on the phone? Are they giving you appropriate, timely, courteous assistance? If not, it will not get better when you become a client. You still will not be able to speak with them and your questions and concerns will go unanswered. Move on immediately or you will be disappointed and end up having to hire another lawyer down the road. Trust me, it happens.

2. If the lawyer cannot make arrangements to meet you immediately on your schedule, and not on their schedule, then their priorities are not correct, and it will not get any better once you hire them. If the lawyer is not willing to meet with you immediately on a night or weekend, or schedules your appointment several days after your call, it means two things, either your case is not a priority to that lawyer and/or he does not have the resources to handle your case on a timely basis; neither of which are a good sign for you. Move on.

3. Is the lawyer a solo practitioner? While there are any number of good DUI defense attorneys that practice law by themselves, consider how this can affect your case. If that lawyer becomes ill, if that lawyer gets tied up in another case or decides to go on vacation or decides to go to his kid’s hockey game on your trial date, then your case is postponed and you are left holding the DUI bag.

DUI cases are very emotional matters with a lot riding on the outcome. Generally speaking, DUI defendants desire to have their cases resolved as soon as possible; you will not to hear that your case is postponed another 4 months (on top of the initial 3 month trial date) because your lawyer had a sore throat that day or was on vacation, and there is nobody else familiar with your case to help. Bear in mind that size of the DUI Law Firm matters, back up lawyers, resources, paralegal personnel all matter in the proper development and handling of your case. Multiple lawyers and resources can potentially mean better and more effective case development and therefore better representation.

4. Money is always a consideration in the defense of DUI cases. Some clients may initially desire to spend the least money possible; NOT a good idea. There are many levels of lawyers ranging from the $500 lawyer for which you may receive a junk letter in the mail up to the accomplished DUI defender that is highly focused on the defense of DUI cases.

If you do not care what happens in your case and the ramifications thereof, then retaining a $500 lawyer may be the move for you. If you do care what happens to you, if you have a career (professional, military, license, etc.), a family to protect or a strong desire to continue driving, then seek only appropriately experienced representation and be prepared to pay a fair and reasonable fee for the lawyer’s experience and knowledge. Lawyers that do not charge a reasonable fee either do not intend on defending you in Court or they may not know how; both are unacceptable. If the fee is too low, move on.

5. Look on the Firm’s website to determine the Firm’s commitment to continuing legal education and DUI training. Are they NHTSA certified on the field sobriety tests, the sobriety tests are a critical part of any DUI defense. Are they members of the National College for DUI defense, does the lawyer take the time to pursue ongoing training in the Defense of DUI cases to stay current on the law.

If the attorney you are speaking to does not have these qualifications, it should tell you something about their commitment to the defense of DUI cases and to your case. It may mean they are a general practice lawyer who has recently added DUI defense to their repertoire or it could mean they just don’t care about staying current; neither of which helps protect you. Move on.

6. Is the Firm seen as an authority in the field of DUI Defense. Do news organizations turn to that firm for advice when DUI matters pop up in the news? If the news agencies see the firm as an authority on DUI and turn to them to educate their viewers, that is certainly a very significant vote of confidence that the firm knows what it is doing and would be a good choice to protect and defend you and your family (assuming the other elements in this letter are present).

7. VERY IMPORTANT– with the explosive proliferation of DUI ads all over the Internet it has become very difficult to make an informed decision as to who to retain unless you are willing to carefully read and compare a plethora of DUI websites; this is time consuming work which many folks do not desire to undertake, even for this important matter. However, what if that research was meticulously, thoughtfully and neutrally done FOR YOU? Would that be helpful?

At Bruce Robinson & Associates high-level clientele choose our firm to represent them and their family members. We are privileged to have letters from the White House in Washington DC, from the covert Federal agencies, the City of Baltimore, articles from the Baltimore Sun, the Daily Record all commenting on the successful results we have achieved for our clients over the past 20 years we have been defending DUI cases. We have been privileged to represent Judges, Federal Judge’s children, lawyers, doctors, countless military, pilots, police officers, NASA, teachers and so on. This is critically important to YOU the consumer because many of the people on this list have the absolute best ability to determine who is tops in this field. That is unbiased, thoughtfully considered advice regarding the Best DUI lawyers. The research is done for you so you don’t have to guess, spend hours reading DUI sites, or spend days wasting time visiting lawyers.

Bottom Line: Bruce Robinson & Associates fits the total bill as described above, our experienced TEAM of DUI professionals is here for you right now; weekends and evenings to help you. We will immediately schedule a free appointment and review your case with you.

If you are still not sure after reading this letter and seeing our clientele, print this letter, shop around but please keep these important guiding tenets in mind. It’s how you hire the best DUI law firm possible. The points contained herein are what separate DUI defense lawyers from arm chair quarterbacks. It’s your future- it’s your choice.